Nature: Elephant seals
Birth of a friendship
Lessons from Scholastic
Passage: In memoriam
Passage: In memoriam
Nancy Drew turns 90
PBS turns 50
Oy oldin
Eddie De Leon
Eddie De Leon 9 soat oldin
taboo, they say for world not connected at that time, now open minded view for we are connected live
thechariotcard 9 soat oldin
Multi level seating in outhouses was common to accommodate the various sizes in the household. Little ones could not go alone, too dangerous.
GDDLS 9 soat oldin
Garbage... Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, and the congress in the 90's force this crisis upon America, buy corrupting free markets with political drives... forcing into housing ownership to those that could not pay by way of putting a gun in the banker's head...
Joe Manni
Joe Manni 9 soat oldin
Very cool video. This song is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one.
Olive Insat
Olive Insat 9 soat oldin
A mob mentality in an American college!? Wow. I'm shocked! 🤣🤣
Nelo K
Nelo K 9 soat oldin
Mashallah 💛
Ms. Loving
Ms. Loving 9 soat oldin
Precious friends, when we pray, we cast ourselves at the feet of DIVINE POWER. When writing to the Corinthian church, the apostle Paul shared about the trouble he experienced in the province of Asia. The persecution was so severe that he and his companions “despaired of life itself” (2 Corinthians 1 : 8). However, Paul was helped by the prayers of believers (v. 11). Though the Corinthian church was many miles away from the apostle, their prayers mattered and God heard them. Herein lies an amazing mystery: the sovereign One has chosen to use our prayers to accomplish His purpose. What a privilege! Today we can continue to remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering for their faith. There’s something we can do. We can pray for those who are marginalized, oppressed, beaten, tortured, and sometimes even killed for their belief in Christ. There truly is divine power in prayer. Begin you journey into the power of prayer by first acknowledging that you are a sinner in need of our Savior. Welcome Abba Yahweh (Father God) through Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) into your life. Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord of your life. Receive grace by believing in Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross, His death, burial and resurrection. You will then be justified in salvation and blessed with His abundant love by the Holy Spirit! Dear friends, let us pray....Dear Heavenly Father, we pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus to experience Your comfort and encouragement and to be strengthened with hope as they stand firmly with Your mighty Son Lord Jesus. May they be covered by His precious blood and guided in righteousness by The Holy Spirt. This and all things we pray in the Mighty Mighty name of Your only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Yeshua Jesus Christ, Amen! May God bless you in the Glorious name of Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior.❤️❤️❤️
Никто 9 soat oldin
so its 711 but owned and ran by a local
Louis Suppa
Louis Suppa 10 soat oldin
Eh he's an opinion host which he admits...msm (Koppel included) needs to do the same
Sinbio Monet
Sinbio Monet 10 soat oldin
I hope the old foster family is investigated.
holly clown
holly clown 10 soat oldin
Say what you will about his politics, he was a man of character.
Oof Course
Oof Course 10 soat oldin
Isle of the cats
mamu messi
mamu messi 10 soat oldin
U sent wrong guy
Bourne bruski
Bourne bruski 10 soat oldin
Try to watch boardwalk empire got bored after the first season , nothing on the sopranos had so much potential with alcohol gangs but no they focus mainly on Margaret who is so incredibly dull
Charles W R
Charles W R 10 soat oldin
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell urged Trump to use Martial Law to destroy American Democracy. MyPillow is the enemy of America. Mike Lindell is the enemy of America. MyPillow must go Chapter 7 bankrupt and never be able to do business in the free democratic country of America again.
Skeoge irl
Skeoge irl 10 soat oldin
@1:34 The lyric is peeping not creeping. "And the loike was sleeping"
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 10 soat oldin
Semper Fi those are my brothers ,wish I could be born on your watch !”Humanity can be cruel to one another !”
Charles W R
Charles W R 10 soat oldin
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell urged Trump to use Martial Law to destroy American Democracy. MyPillow is the enemy of America. Mike Lindell is the enemy of America. MyPillow must go Chapter 7 bankrupt and never be able to do business in the free democratic country of America again.
Rick Hernandez
Rick Hernandez 10 soat oldin
Looks like you might have to update the "whole worst president in history" thing
LIFE OF HABIBA 10 soat oldin
LMC346 10 soat oldin
“Only losers get awards.” 😂😂😂
Dannaye 10 soat oldin
January 20th 2021 be like:
Jimin Stan
Jimin Stan 10 soat oldin
Jimin is the best dancer , Look at him 3:21 ! 😍
karen ertl
karen ertl 10 soat oldin
Let girls join in praise to God. let the girls sing along w/ the boys.
Mauris Livi
Mauris Livi 10 soat oldin
The versed cardigan rheologically spoil because salad worryingly balance till a ruddy viscose. keen, rapid rooster
Marisela Franco
Marisela Franco 11 soat oldin
Why are they calling Christine, Louie?
Jeyavathy Francis
Jeyavathy Francis 11 soat oldin
It sounds like when a man uses his power in a right way, it ends up in a bright future with blessings to many. God bless!
Faranaz Amiri
Faranaz Amiri 11 soat oldin
Who is the white guy?
Linda Miscandlon
Linda Miscandlon 11 soat oldin
She didn’t drown,she was dead before she hit the water,Wagner had to be the one who put her in the water as the captain has spoken out about it because there was silence suddenly he would’ve heard her splash into the water had she been thrown in alive,and a study was done that if he our drowning within 30 seconds your socks come if you’d feet completely and Natalie had her socks on when found and then she had 24 bruises all over her so he did something to her to be so angry earlier that evening Wagner smashed a wine bottle in front of everyone,she was thrown into water he slid her dead body in the water as it was record her lungs had no water in them so she didn’t drown Wagner staged it to make it look like that 🤛
James Stewart
James Stewart 11 soat oldin
Dont blame us this time.liverpool uk 🙃
Jason Furtick
Jason Furtick 11 soat oldin
Hey 2016 Trump voters we are from the future and you can say "lock him up" and we have seen what happened to America because you voted for him and its better than where you have been. "You can't trust him."
Jason Furtick
Jason Furtick 11 soat oldin
Its far worse than you can imagine!
Lil chaos X
Lil chaos X 11 soat oldin
What a coincidence I get recommended this shortly after the capitol attack
Esgerova Seltenet
Esgerova Seltenet 11 soat oldin
So Gold you are
Esgerova Seltenet
Esgerova Seltenet 11 soat oldin
Bacchus LAX
Bacchus LAX 11 soat oldin
Pretty sure we pay way more for brands on a lot more items. Status can out you in the poor house.
Pacaj Albert
Pacaj Albert 11 soat oldin
Zdalo sa mi že slnko ☀ ma svoju abecedu videl som písmenká a maľovanie a ešte niečo
serge louis sieben
serge louis sieben 12 soat oldin
Love you
lastpme 12 soat oldin
This spot now belongs to Trump.
charles westhoff
charles westhoff 12 soat oldin
Is Q a reference to L from death note
no masks???????? A bit of a worry there with hugging Dolly
Lynn Falcon
Lynn Falcon 12 soat oldin
Frida Clarke
Frida Clarke 12 soat oldin
Why are they going back to china
mrctunes 12 soat oldin
BOOM! Headshot.
Александр Павленко
Александр Павленко 12 soat oldin
Dear americans.i,m a russian from a far far away country of russia.every time i can see president carter my eyes are filled with decent and dignified man he can be proud of having him as a president.god bless you and the democracy will prevail...
madcatclaws 12 soat oldin
Look at the girl's smile in the back at 2:59 She knows the ugly truth...😄
John Eastman
John Eastman 12 soat oldin
Well James, it is now the year 2021 and you have competition for the worst...
NoWillToLive 12 soat oldin
Trump: hold my beer
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 12 soat oldin
Donald Trump has just taken the title from James! One term, twice impeached, lowest approval rating of all time, and now causes insurrectionist in the Capitol with lies about election integrity.
Sabotarian 12 soat oldin
Dislikes comes from blindfaith probably
Ima Talkin
Ima Talkin 12 soat oldin
No limitations....can even be President of the United States & Dementia-in-Chief
AdoboTravels 12 soat oldin
Buchanan is sounds like that leader who made a mess and gives his trash to the next leader
#Triple Threat's Tutorials
#Triple Threat's Tutorials 12 soat oldin
Im watching this with my family and the series and we are really taking a good look at our situation
Linda rickman
Linda rickman 12 soat oldin
I used to look forward to his press conferences he was saying things I was looking for the president to say some leadership I want to thank him for that ! The relationship he has with his daughter s is really beautiful I lost my dad 18 years ago still miss him so much.
Curtis Wallen
Curtis Wallen 13 soat oldin
Wife??? I thought that was his daughter lmao
vo id
vo id 13 soat oldin
By having to include shipping into the listing price, the seller is forced to pay taxes on shipping. Shipping can be up to $350 if you sell furniture that's already assembled.
internet mail
internet mail 13 soat oldin
What about the evidence of thousands of near death experience testimonies on UZpost that are 90+% identical even in the tiny neiche details?.
Darn Right
Darn Right 13 soat oldin
because they are religious/cultural. Amazon jungle people don't have similar NDEs to people from the western part of the world. And btw - you don't even have to be near death to have a NDE
jeffrey gollobin
jeffrey gollobin 13 soat oldin
"It's pointless, It's just another thing that you face and you carry on."
Feyo Lopez
Feyo Lopez 13 soat oldin
Jehovah witness.
Rusty Shakelford
Rusty Shakelford 13 soat oldin
Probably 10 people in the stand.
Aileen Bughaw
Aileen Bughaw 13 soat oldin
Hobi looks intimidating. The power of this guy..
steve Parker
steve Parker 13 soat oldin
Oh how I miss integrity in America! You can thank the opinion reporters for the mess in Washington. Many people believe what they say. Do you really believe the Dems are smart enough to pull off massive election fraud? And not find any evidence.? Trump is the fraud king every thing out of his mouth is fraud or fake conspiracy any one who know him will tell you that
Dave Whittaker
Dave Whittaker 13 soat oldin
Hey Barry Obummer, where are you??.. hopefully locked in Gitmo and you'll never get out!! 🔒😆
Sonia Silva
Sonia Silva 13 soat oldin
ShinobuKochoNightcore 13 soat oldin
Aot. Does exist...
Rucha Deore
Rucha Deore 14 soat oldin
Lmao I don't understand why the gp and harries doubt 1d music
Jeston Lee
Jeston Lee 14 soat oldin
This could be explained by the story of Job. Lucifer or the devil takes away all his things from Job, a wealthy man. God does nothing to stop him as to test his faith. Natural disasters could be caused by the devil, and God does help us. He gives us hope, for theres a dawn after every night, and he helps us greive and cope with greif for our loved ones.
Darn Right
Darn Right 13 soat oldin
@Jeston Lee If we believe the **story** of Job, it shows god to be an uncaring, malevolent, irrational, indifferent monster. He **unnecessarily** challenges/invites the devil to persecute someone who he claims to love and who serves him faithfully. And that's the same god people choose to worship and claim he's righteous, benevolent and just? That's Weird!
davidhunternyc 14 soat oldin
Right to Repair is important. If the headlight in your car breaks you can take your car to a third party repair shop to have the headlight fixed. If your hard drive in your MacBook Pro breaks you can take you computer to a third party repair shop to have you hard drive replaced. Instead of spending $3,000 on a new computer you spend $300 to fix your old computer. It's better for the environment too as there's less trash in the landfill. If people want to buy a new computer every few years then that's their prerogative. For many of us, we are on a budget and we want our computers to last beyond the warranty period. It's our computer. We bought it. We own it. We should be able to have it fixed when it breaks.
Maria Petras
Maria Petras 14 soat oldin
Roxanne Macherzynska
Roxanne Macherzynska 14 soat oldin
oh dear, the man didn't deserve her :(
tranquil 14 soat oldin
Tends to have the lowest temperatures for US on any given winter day.
Bonnie Lass
Bonnie Lass 14 soat oldin
He's so awesome! I love a person that keeps it humble. One of the Greats Man, One of the Greats.
Patri the bro
Patri the bro 14 soat oldin
Shigashina nooooo
Carey Johnston
Carey Johnston 14 soat oldin
I'm not sure what happens to all the food they prepare. I want to know it's utilized. Homeless shelters are a great place for this.
Emanuela Comerio
Emanuela Comerio 14 soat oldin
No no no. Non esiste un Sunday profile. Quello che sará Domenica sera. Tra una settimana, solo Dio lo sa. E' no.
Carey Johnston
Carey Johnston 14 soat oldin
Been watching for years and never fail to learn something new. And all recommendations are spot on. Sometimes you have to remember everyone's tastes are different and so are their tools but they add that help too.
RANDOM GUY 14 soat oldin
Trash Pillows
David McManus
David McManus 14 soat oldin
Its prenounced MAURICE not morris
Glen Turney
Glen Turney 14 soat oldin
Poor Robin! When you see him singing, "I Started A Joke", in Barry's home studio, he's holding his gut area, 'cause he was pain, but Barry didn't notice. Robin was most likely hiding his ailment from Barry to keep him from worrying about Robin. So sad for their pain.
Amanda Hirschfeld
Amanda Hirschfeld 14 soat oldin
How awesome.
Amrita 14 soat oldin
@7:30 she "hears" ear wax tastes revolting . LOL